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Designed for monitoring, search and rescue, and environmental protection at sea

Marine Home Guard

Project details

For the Danish Marine Home Guard, we developed the complete design of the 800- and 900 Class. The 800-class consists of a series of vessels with a hydraulic crane for launching and recovering. In terms of equipment, the vessels are fitted with the latest electronics within navigation and bearing of emergency transmitters, anti-collision radar, night vision for search tasks, ECDIS, etc.


The 900-class patrol vessel is a further development of the 800-class, where one of the key updates is the 3,5m lengthening of the hull. This extension has made room for two environmental modules that carry 360m of flotation barriers for environmental tasks. 


Søby Shipyard


Navy vessel




Concept design, tender design, basic design

Contact person

Jan Haase

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Our approach

OSK Design has worked in close cooperation with the Marine Home Guard with their vessel concepts as well as providing support in conversions and lengthenings. It has been critical to ensure that the user experiences were incorporated into the designs to meet the requirements set by the Navy's Operative Command, securing their vessels are fit to solve tasks within marine surveillance, rescue and environmental missions for years to come. 

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The result

The result of our cooperation is an efficient and long-lasting design of the two series that has proven its worth since the launch of the first vessel. Aside from the design, OSK has provided support to the shipyard during construction. Both the 800- and 900-class have proven their function as stable work vessels for the Danish Marine Home Guard, performing a variety of different missions in all weather conditions, both day and night. 


Kristian Holten Møller

Defence Program Lead
“We've worked with the Danish Home Guard for almost two decades, and we are very proud to contribute with design and advisory that serves a higher purpose for both Denmark and the marine environment”