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A cost-effective and streamlined alternative to conventional service vessels

Wind Server

Project details

Wind Server has been specifically developed to cater to the maintenance needs of offshore turbines and smaller installation tasks. It introduces a unique redundancy system that enables the ship to remain operational even in the event of equipment failure, allowing them to continue functioning while conducting necessary repairs.

What sets Wind Server apart is its compact size in comparison to similar vessels. Despite its smaller main dimensions, it maintains compatibility with standard water meter requirements and possesses the capability to lift wind turbine blades. The wind server has the capacity to hoist weights of up to 500 tons. Wind Server is also equipped with a system allowing the spud to be detached from the legs, allowing the vessel to jack up in areas with many boulders.

Wind Server represents a more cost-effective and streamlined alternative to traditional service ships, offering a smaller footprint and reduced expenses for maintenance and service in the offshore sector. 








Concept development, Detail design

Contact person

Andreas Sorth

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Our approach

With its specialized design, Wind Server streamlines the service and maintenance processes of offshore wind turbines. Its innovative jacking system facilitates swift and precise lifting or lowering of the vessel, providing a stable platform for installation and maintenance activities. 
The rack and pinion jacking system of Wind Server, powered by individual motors, enhances its reliability and resilience. This redundancy ensures that even in the event of a motor failure, the vessel can continue operating with minimal disruption, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity. 

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The result

The Wind Server's jack-up vessel design with legs enables enhanced mobility and positioning capabilities. The vessel can easily raise itself above the water surface, allowing it to access turbine sites in shallow waters and areas with challenging seabed conditions that may not be accessible to larger vessels. 
The distinguishing feature of Wind Server lies in its rack and pinion jacking system, with each pinon wheel powered by its own motor. This inventive setup ensures an ample surplus capacity, guaranteeing uninterrupted functionality and preventing any downtime. 

The Wind Server stands as a more economically efficient and efficient substitute for conventional service vessels. It boasts a smaller physical presence and lowered upkeep costs for offshore maintenance and servicing. A major benefit lies in its minimal seabed space requirement, setting it apart from numerous other vessels.