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Prioritizing safety and innovation at sea

STB12 and STB15

Project details

In collaboration with Esvagt, we designed the STB 12 and STB 15 vessels, prioritizing safety at sea. Both vessels can be lifted and deployed from a larger mother vessel when needed. The STB 12 accommodates up to 12 Industrial personnel and boasts higher speed capabilities. The STB 15 is tailored for the wind turbine market, accommodating up to 15 personnel and featuring cutting-edge technological advancements for comfort and stability. 

Equipped with interchangeable front fenders, both vessels effortlessly approach various boat landings. Our innovative design ensures technicians' safety during lifting, minimizing risks associated with transfers to floating vessels. With safety, comfort, and efficiency in mind, the STB 12 and STB 15 vessels represent innovation and excellence in the maritime industry, serving the needs of offshore operations and the wind turbine market. 






2012 (STB12) / 2024 (STB15)


Concept development, Detail design

Contact person

Høgni Hammer

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Our approach

Both the STB 12 and STB 15 prioritize crew and technician safety with advanced features, including state-of-the-art navigation, emergency equipment, and robust hulls for challenging sea conditions. The STB 15 meets HSC damage stability criteria, enhancing its safety.


Efficiency is key for both vessels, with the STB 12's swift deployment optimizing productivity, and the STB 15 efficiently transporting technicians to wind farms. Both vessels are designed to Bureau Veritas (BV) comfort class notation, to achieve excellent comfort under transit, minimizing fatigue on the technicians.  
These design considerations underscore our commitment to excellence in maritime operations while ensuring the utmost safety for all onboard.   

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The result

The STB 12's versatility goes beyond its role as a mother ship-deployed boat, making it an agile vessel suitable for a range of maritime tasks. From crew transfers to supply runs and emergency response operations, it proves to be a valuable asset for various offshore activities. On the other hand, the STB 15 represents the pinnacle of technological development in the crew transfer vessel sector, showcasing the latest advancements in the industry. 

The partnership with Esvagt is instrumental in ensuring that both the STB 12 and STB 15 benefit from the expertise and experience of industry leaders. This collaboration fosters innovation and guarantees that the boats are constructed to the highest standards of quality, reliability, and safety. As a result, our vessels stand as a testament to excellence in offshore operations, driven by cutting-edge technology and the unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch performance in any maritime endeavor.