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Modern and flexible research vessel for Arctic operation


Project details

SANNA was designed in close collaboration between OSK Design, the client, and scientists from Greenland Climate Research Centre. She is used primarily for research of the life stock of fish and shellfish in Greenland waters as well as for a variety of scientific research tasks in the marine environment off Greenland's West coast. 


Additionally, SANNA takes part in research and monitoring activities in connection with exploration for oil and gas and for mining activities close to the coast.

She can carry 6 crew members and 10 scientists and is equipped with modern electronic navigation and communication systems for her service in remote areas, where satellite coverage is not always available. 


Image: Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Josephine Nymand


Greenland Institute of Natural Resources


Research vessel




Conceptual-basic design, building supervision, basic design for production

Contact person

Kristian Holten Møller

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Our approach

Aside from the design of the entire vessel, we have assisted the client with the extension of the existing sonar dome. With the newly installed high-resolution multi beam sonar system, SANNA can now clearly map the seabed topography up to 800 metres deep in the waters off the Greenlandic shelf. 

To serve her full purpose, SANNA is fully equipped with a series of research facilities; wet labs, dry labs, chemical labs, large and flexible work deck, A-frame, etc. 

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The result

The marine resources, both living and natural, are of vital importance for the Greenlandic society today and in the future. SANNA plays an important part of providing Greenland with the possibility to obtain sufficient knowledge of how to manage and safeguard the resources and secure the marine environment for future generations. 

Jacob Høgh Thygesen

Chief Executive Officer
“The need for preparedness is only expected to increase in the years to come. We're happy to have assisted Greenland Institute of Natural Resources with their vessel, which represents both a long-term investment for the Greenlandic society, but also a powerful environment political signal”