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The world's largest purpose-built hospital ship

Global Mercy

Project details

Our interior team has designed the hospital- and accommodation facilities for Mercy Ships' newly delivered GLOBAL MERCY - the world's largest civilian hospital ship. With this project, we contributed to realising Mercy Ships' vision from initial ideas and concept to an award-winning vessel.


In the design for the interior of the hospital ship, from operating rooms to hospital beds, laboratories, lounges and cabins for the ship's volunteer crew, the team focused on combining a warm and caring environment with ship-routine logistics and its specialised performance and purpose.  


Mercy Ships


Hospital ship (ferry)




Interior design, onboard flow, deck arrangements

Contact person

Kristoffer Jensen

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Our approach

Being a hospital ship deployed around the world, the cabins are bigger as the voluteering crew stays on board for long periods of time. Also, public spaces and meeting rooms are designed for flexibility so they can serve different functions to those on a traditional passenger ship. All interiors are designed and constructed with the sole purpose of providing a maximum of efficient and human-centered hospital treatments. 

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The result

GLOBAL MERCY'S noble purpose has inspired the design, so that it best supports her function as a floating hospital. She is designed for longevity and optimised to last for fortyfive to fifty years needing minimal maintenance, so funds can be spent on what is most important - the expected 150.000 life-changing hospital treatments on board. 

Jacob Høgh Thygesen

Chief Executive Officer
“GLOBAL MERCY was awarded a Shippax Special Award 2022 for the creativity and unique tailoring to the owner's needs. What makes us most proud however, is knowing we have contributed to the important work that Mercy Ships do around the world"