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A responsible design strategy for ship interiors

Sustainable Cabin Concept

Project details

The Sustainable Cabin Concept is both a case study and a design philosophy. At OSK Design, we believe that good design is responsible design, and we want to push the boundaries of the ship interior industry by creating enticing ship interiors with the least possible impact in close cooperation with our customers and suppliers. 


To do this, we need transparent and reliable data to support our statements and material choices. By use of life cycle analysis, we can investigate the actual carbon footprint of a cabin and the materials used. We can make responsible material suggestions and data-driven advisory for our clients, overall improving their business and our design processes. 



Case study



Interior concept, research, life cycle analysis, data-driven design

Contact person

Emilie Posniak Hansen

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Our approach

We are here to design and enable sustainable seaborne solutions. We see a growing demand and awareness from eco-travelers, and we want to inspire and support our clients in their effort to offer more responsible travel options tailored to 'slow travel' and eco-tourism. Together with our dedicated suppliers, we are identifying and documenting climate-friendly materials, furniture, lighting, and fixtures suitable for the responsible ship interiors of the future.

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The result

At OSK Design we want to include environmental considerations in the early design phase and planning phase. We constantly seek to challenge ourselves as designers and support our design approach and material choices by designing with commodities that are less harmful to the environment.


Through a life cycle assessment-based approach, we are able to assess the impact related to the specific components in the interior design. LCA is also a key tool to transparently quantify emissions and identify potential strategies to lower our carbon footprint in the industry. 

Emilie Posniak Hansen

“Stating that we design responsibly is not enough though. We need transparent and reliable data to support such statements and our designs. This is possibly with the life cycle analysis-approach, and luckily we also work with equally dedicated suppliers who can present the relevant data for their products”