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Modern research and exploration vessel


Project details

TARAJOQ is Greenland's new research vessel designed by Skipsteknisk AS for exploring the marine environment and the polar resources. She represents the largest research investment by the Government of Greenland to date.


The 61-metre long, ice-reinforced vessel is specially designed for operation in Arctic waters and is expected to serve as Greenland's platform for offshore research for many years to come. With her size and outfitting, TARAJOQ can venture further North and perform far more types of research and environmental tasks than what has previously been possible. She has room for 12 crew members and 20 researchers as well as additional room for students during training. 


Image: Greenland Institute of Natural Resources


Greenland Institute of Natural Resources


Research vessel




Project management, owner's support, site supervision, structural and workshop drawings of hull, machinery and piping design, engine room and shaft arrangement, structural fire protection, fire control, safety plans

Contact person

Kristian Holten Møller

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Our approach

Representing the largest investment in research to date for the Greenlandic Government, our role was to ensure timely construction and delivery and managing the project from start to finish. For almost two years, and significantly challenged by the COVID pandemic, OSK Design was on site at the Spanish yard to oversee the construction and ultimately the delivery. 

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The result

TARAJOQ means 'salt' and is an older Inuit term for the sea and also used figuratively for example to describe a speech that has power and wit. It is a fitting name for a modern vessel, equipped with the latest in fishing gear and fish handling equipment and able to handle almost any kind of scientific work in the Arctic. 

Kristian Holten Møller

Defence Program Lead
“We are very excited to have supported Greenland Institute of Natural Resources all the way through this project. We are confident that TARAJOQ will serve her purpose well and secure the best conditions for exploration and preservation of the sea and its resources”