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Where creativity and innovation result in the highest standards of maritime design.

At OSK Design, we offer a unique combination of commercial and technical expertise. We take pride in knowing your business model so we can offer tailored maritime solutions to your specific needs.

OSK Design Lab

Welcome to OSK Design Lab – our creative workspace dedicated to pushing the boundaries of ship design. It is powered by decades of experience in maritime consulting and brings together all the design and engineering disciplines to envision the future of maritime solutions.


OSK Design Lab is a hub of creativity based on design thinking principles and a curious approach to ship design. Consciously asking the key question “what if?” throughout the ship design process, we’re committed to pushing boundaries, challenging conventions, and constantly elevating the value proposition of OSK Design.


We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and goals to deliver a vessel design that exceeds expectations and is optimised in every aspect – from passenger experience and crew well-being to operational requirements and energy efficiency for a sustainable maritime industry. 

Anders Ørgård

Chief Commercial Officer
“The key to success is understanding our clients’ individual business model and constant developments of the maritime industry. That knowledge allows us to help our clients make smarter choices for their fleet and the environment”

Jacob H. Thygesen

Chief Executive Officer
“Our competitive advantage lies in the combination of engineering and design. It's not just about technical perspective; it's about crafting holistic solutions and thereby synergies. Our unique blend of commercial acumen and technical expertise ensures that we meet and exceed our clients' expectations in that regard."

We are on a mission to attract and develop the greatest minds in the field. With the best talents on board, we can stay ahead and provide the best maritime consultancy to our clients worldwide. 

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Our history

OSK goes back to 1966 when naval architect Ole Steen Knudsen started designing wooden fishing vessels. Soon both the project portfolio and the company expanded, and for the past almost sixty years, OSK has delivered bespoke Danish ship design to owners all over the world.


Over the years, OSK has seen an extensive expansion from a single naval architect to a group of four sister companies with each their area of maritime expertise: OSK-ShipTech, OSK-Offshore, Steen Friis Design, and Vertigo VR. Both individually and together, our companies have provided a wide range of services from ship design and engineering to interior design and maritime business consulting.


With everything already under one roof, we have decided to unite everything under one brand. As of 2023, all OSK entities are united in OSK Design – a multifunctional, maritime consultancy that combines the knowhow and resources of all our experts in ship design. OSK Design is your one-stop shop for innovative, bold, and responsible maritime designs that optimise business performance and minimise the environmental impact for a more sustainable maritime industry.

Kristian Carøe Lind

Chief Technical Officer
“Our vision for more than fifty years has been to design the most optimal ships. There is no such thing as zero emission, so it is our responsibility to design ships that have the lowest possible impact during their entire life cycle”
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From the left Jacob Høgh Thygesen, CEO & Partner; Anders Ørgård, CCO & Partner; Kristian Carøe Lind, CTO & Partner; Christian Boserup, Board Member and Søren Jespersen Chairman Board Member. 

Take the lead in your competitive business arena with tailored solutions from OSK Design

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The highest standards in quality and work environment

In OSK Design, we proudly hold a dual ISO certification in quality and work environment – ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 respectively. We believe the two are intimately related and go hand in hand in everything we do, as thriving employees deliver top quality designs. For us, sustainability applies both to the impact of our designs, but also to the working conditions we offer to our team – whether in the office or out on site.