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Beautiful ship interiors designed for the sea

Our international team of ship interior designers and architects are experts in designing for the sea. We convert your dreams and visions to beautiful ship interior concepts offering unique travel experiences.  


We are deeply rooted in the Danish and Scandinavian design tradition, but we are always looking ahead foreseeing the trends in maritime hospitality and tailoring these to every owner’s distinct fleet portfolio and unique business model.  

A holistic approach

Good ship design is respectful design. Respectful of its surroundings, where the ship operates and its impact during its entire life cycle, respectful of the passengers, and respectful of the crew and what they need to operate the ship. 

We design holistically and responsibly to ensure that a ship interior concept from OSK Design has maximum impact on you, your customers, and your crew, but the least possible impact on the environment by making the smartest choices in materials and working with forward-thinking maritime suppliers. 

Passionate ship designers challenging norms with sustainability and innovation  

Together with our clients we want to push the limits of the ship interior industry. We constantly question the norm and challenge ourselves and our clients through research and case studies such as The Sustainable Design Strategy and Crew Living Concept.