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The passionate ferry designers 

Passenger ferries are at the core of our DNA. Large or small, international or domestic, we have specialised in developing holistic, innovative ferry concepts tailored to your needs and business model. 


Our ferry designs grow out of close partnerships with our clients, a deep commercial understanding of the ferry industry, the demands of tomorrow, and a hunger to push the conventions of passenger transportation.  

We see the big picture

Designing ferries is more than getting passengers from A to B. It is about understanding and designing for the ship’s entire lifetime and its unique operational context – from port infrastructure to onboard spending, passenger experience, and crew needs.  

Knowing what is possible today and what will be the ferry demands of tomorrow, we guide owners to future-proof choices for optimised performance and minimised impact. All coming together in maritime solutions that are flexible and adaptable to future technological breakthroughs and new regulatory requirements for ship design 

Our award-winning ship designs are sailing almost every ocean  

Every sailing ship is a tangible result of great collaborations between ambitious owners, skilled yards, responsible suppliers, and visionary ship designers. Together, we achieve big things, and our award-winning ship designs help our clients stay ahead in their competitive maritime business arena.