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Press release

Hattrick at the Ferry Oscars! OSK Design takes home three design awards

It was a rewarding evening at the closing ceremony of the annual Shippax Ferry Conference, when Danish ship design specialists OSK Design took home three design awards. Interior designers Steen Friis Design received double appraisal for two of their resent interior projects, and the naval architects of sister company OSK-ShipTech were awarded for their innovative conceptualisation of DFDS’ latest passenger ferry.

Steen Friis Design wins The Shippax Special Award for GLOBAL MERCY
Newly delivered newbuilding GLOBAL MERCY wins the ‘Shippax Special Award 2022’. She is the world’s largest civilian hospital ship and is about to set out to bring life-changing treatment to some of the poorest countries in Africa. Steen Friis Design has delivered interior solutions to the modern hospital- and accommodation facilities, and it was one of the interior projects that the founder of Steen Friis Design brought on, when they became part of OSK Design back in 2016.

“We are sure that GLOBAL MERCY, in the most noble way, will demonstrate which enormous impression the right intentions – supported by the best possible ‘hardware’ in the form of a floating hospital – can have when deployed the right way. As designers we are extremely proud to be just a small part of a very large effort during the past almost six years,” says Jacob Høgh Thygesen, CEO of OSK Design. And continues: “Unfortunately, the founder of Steen Friis Design, Steen Friis Hansen, is not here himself to see the final result and enjoy this award, as he sadly passed away a year and a half ago.”

The Shippax Ro-Pax Design & Technology Award goes to both OSK-ShipTech and Steen Friis Design

DFDS’ newbuilding AURA SEAWAYS wins the ‘Shippax Ro-Pax Design & Technology Award 2022’. AURA SEAWAYS is DFDS’ first newbuilding since the early 1980s and part of DFDS’ mega ro-ro series, which was conceptualised by OSK-ShipTech. The innovative concept from OSK-ShipTech combines ‘sophisticated technology, extensive cargo capacity, attractive passenger facilities, as well as a striking, innovative exterior design’ as the motivation states. Underpinning the holistic design services available from OSK Design, Steen Friis Design is additionally awarded for their modern interiors on AURA SEAWAYS. 

“I am extremely pleased with these two recognitions from the industry,” says Anders Ørgård, CCO of OSK Design, “it is very satisfying to know that we can offer our customers the full synergy effect of having all maritime consultancy and interior design services in-house taking their projects from initial ideas and concepts to award-winning vessels. The mega roro series has been a huge investment for DFDS, and I am very proud to see the final result of the design process which has contributions from two OSK Group companies.”

Hattrick for OSK Design at the ‘Ferry Oscars’! Design Director Bente Medelbye Hansen from Steen Friis Design with CCO Anders Ørgård and Head of Sales Henrique Pestana, OSK Group. Copyright OSK Design

For further information about OSK Group, concept designs, interior design, and build strategies, please contact Anders Ørgård, CCO of OSK-ShipTech and OSK Design. Phone: +45 40 94 13 91 or mail: anh@oskdesign.com

About OSK Design
We are a full-line supplier of maritime design and consultancy services to clients all over the world with more than fifty years’ experience and a unique combination of technical and commercial expertise. We design for operators large and small, international and domestic, as well as for yards all over the world. With a strong position on the global maritime market, it is our responsibility to attract and develop the greatest minds in the field securing the best consultancy to our clients within concept development, newbuildings and retrofits, and much more.

Our purpose is to design and enable sustainable seaborne travel together with our customers. We want to be recognised for bold and conscientious ship design with maximum influence on our industry and minimum impact on the environment.

The companies of OSK Design: OSK-ShipTech A/S, Steen Friis Design A/S, Vertigo VR ApS & OSK-Offshore A/S.


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