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Designing sustainable onboard interiors

Explore the inner mechanisms of the dynamic world of maritime interior design with insights gathered from a panel debate held in Hamburg during MARINE INTERIORS Cruise & Ferry Global Expo 2023.


As part of this exciting discussion, Kristoffer Jensen, Head of Interior & Accommodation at OSK Design, joined forces with three other leading designers to examine the complexities of crafting sustainable onboard interiors. The panel debate offered constructive perspectives on designing spaces that redefine luxury, elevate the passenger experience, and embrace a sustainable future.

In a debate led by Simon Johnson, director of Shipshape Consulting, the four maritime interior designers shed light on the dynamic world of crafting sustainable onboard interiors that elevate the passenger experience. These insights offer a glimpse into the complex and ever-evolving process of designing spaces that redefine onboard luxury.

Designing top-tier interiors that empower cruise and ferry brands to deliver seamless and unforgettable experiences on their ships is not a simple process. The landscape is marked by continually shifting passenger expectations, demanding quick adaptations from operators. The key to success, lies in careful planning, data-driven decisions, and unwavering collaboration among all project stakeholders.

The debate explored the surprises that await designers when creating interiors, the critical role of clear communication with onboard operations teams and the importance of data-backed decisions and thorough customer research to avoid design missteps.

A recurring theme in the debate was the significance of a well-defined design brief and early collaboration with clients.

“If I could send one message to shipowners it would be to develop a good brief to share with designers and architects before we start the project. In my experience, if clients don’t deliver a detailed brief and continually come up with new ideas that they want to incorporate into the design, it can lead to a lot of back and forth between the designer, architect, shipyard and others in the project. “ – Kristoffer Jensen, Head of Interior & Accommodation, OSK Design.

The interview offers an exciting look into the world of maritime interior design and highlights the industry's commitment to creating sustainable, innovative, and passenger-centric spaces.

Read the full interview here to dive deeper into the minds of these design experts and their vision for the future of passenger ship interiors.



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