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Press release

PRESS RELEASE: ECOPRODIGI project enhancing maritime industry digitalization in the Baltic Sea region

Danish marine consultants OSK-ShipTech A/S responsible for conducting assessments and technology pilots in ECOPRODIGI in ambitious project collaboration.

OSK-ShipTech A/S Consulting Naval Architects and Marine Engineers has received EU-funding to take part in an ambitious project focused on increasing eco-efficiency in the Baltic Sea region maritime sector through digital solutions. ECOPRODIGI* project kick-starts a unique collaboration between research organisations and the industry end-users to create and pilot digital solutions increasing eco-efficiency throughout the vessel life cycle. Ultimately, ECOPRODIGI supports Baltic Sea region in becoming a front-runner in maritime industry digitalization and clean shipping.

ECOPRODIGI focuses on creating and piloting digital solutions for vessel performance monitoring, cargo stowage optimisation as well as shipyard process optimisation. In addition to the digital solutions, ECOPRODIGI will produce, for example, a roadmap for maritime sector digitalization and policy recommendations to authorities. Also, the project will design and pilot training programmes for shipyard ecosystems and organise public events for deepening the networks within the maritime sector.

The role of OSK-ShipTech in ECOPRODIGI is to conduct assessments and 3D-scanning technology pilots at SC Western Shipyard in Lithuania with the aim of improving the shipyard processes in order to avoid “Eco-Inefficiency bottlenecks”.

“OSK-ShipTech is very proud to be a part of this prestigious project and a strong consortium consisting of a broad range of market leading participants from the entire Baltic region. We definitely support the efforts to improve eco-efficiencies within the shipbuilding industry and thereby prepare our industry for the future,” states Jacob Høgh Thygesen, CEO of OSK-ShipTech.

ECOPRODIGI project has received more than €3m from the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme. With partners’ own contributions, the overall budget of the project is €4.2m. The project is led by the University of Turku, Finland, and the duration of the project is three years. Project’s results, news and open events are communicated at www.ecoprodigi.eu and on Twitter, @ECOPRODIGI_BSR.

For more information: www.ecoprodigi.eu

*Full name of the project: “Eco-efficiency to maritime industry processes in the Baltic Sea Region through digitalization”, ECOPRODIGI

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